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5 Tips to Improve Your Visual Content Efforts [Infographic]

Graphic content is essential to a great digital marketing mix.
The fact is, some types of information are just easier to
consume in graphic format.

The visual shift has been present in digital marketing for some
time, and while brands have been working to create more
impressive, standout visual content, many have also found a
range of significant challenges to the process.

Graphic assets aren’t easily tracked, brand and campaign themes
aren’t always consistent, high-value assets are used
incorrectly. But above all this, the very process of creating
effective visual content is often a headache for the content

So what should you do, what should your business be focused on
to improve its visual output? That’s what the below infographic
is about – but first…

Choose a Great Tool

There are a heap of tools out there which can help you create
visuals for social media, including graphic profile headers,
infographics and presentations. Three of the most popular tools
which can do it all are Canva, Visme, and PiktoChart, all of which have
solid options. 

Whichever you choose, your tool should provide these
fundamental capabilities:

  • Pre-sized images for social media posts on popular social
  • Post and infographic templates
  • Stock images (either free or fee-based) from within the
  • Icons, gauges, and other graphic elements to show data
  • The ability to include clickable URLs

Once you’ve chosen your tool, the recommendations outlined in
the below infographic will help you save time, keep your
branding on point, and make all of your visuals even more

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