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7 Biggest Challenges of Social Media Management (#SMTLive Recap)

For our last #SMTLive Twitter
chat, we caught up with 65+ social media managers around
the world to talk about what it is like managing a brand’s
social media presence — the ups, the downs and their biggest

Right off the bat we asked the group how large of a support
team they had on the job. We were intrigued (but not completely
shocked) to see that 40 of the 65 respondents (62%) said they
were manning the ship all on their own.

Most of us know how that feels. In fact, during our previous
Twitter chat
“Juggling Multiple Social Media Accounts”, we spoke with
someone managing
40+ social media accounts all on her own.

Regardless of the size of your team, we all face various
challenges on the job. Here are a few of the biggest challenges
we hear social media managers face daily.

7 Biggest Challenges of Social Media Management

1. Finding time for everything

2. Creating fresh and meaningful content for each audience

3. Getting executive or client approval

4. Having great ideas but a lack of resources

5. Switching up the voice and tone for different channels

6. Simply developing a strong and distinct voice

7. Tracking progress

There are a myriad of obstacles the job can throw our way, but
seven these stand out as a few of the most common challenges a
social media manager can face.

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