Samsung Now Lets You Remap Bixby Button, Just Not to Google Assistant

Good guy Samsung
announced last week that it was going to allow owners of
the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, Note 9, and Note 8 to
remap the dedicated Bixby button without
having to jump through work-around hoops. They were going to
give you the ability to remap Bixby to another app within their
new One UI. Today, an update to Bixby is rolling out that
enables this change, but don’t expect to be able to switch it
over to Google Assistant.

Once updated, you’ll find the new options by going into Bixby
settings, then scrolling until you find the “Bixby key” section
Within that section, there are options to single or double
press to open Bixby, along with a customization for the
opposite of whatever you choose. So if you choose “Double press
to open Bixby,” then you can set the single press to open an
app. That make sense?

Samsung will let you customize that extra layer to open almost
any app on your phone, just not Google Assistant. You can
choose the Google app, but that only opens up a Google Search
box when pressed. If you have the Google Assistant shortcut app
(link) installed, Samsung is
either hiding that as a choice or it’s not surfacing for some
reason. I 100% have it installed, yet it’s not showing in the
screenshot below.

You could set that extra press to run a specific Bixby command

Either way, assuming you don’t care about having that shortcut
open Google Assistant, you can now customize Bixby to any app
of your choosing! And you don’t need one of those janky 3rd
party remappers! Good times. Good times.

Samsung Bixby Remap

Cheers @Blacknight2332!

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