SK Hynix Details DDR5-6400

SK Hynix this week revealed some additional technical
details about its upcoming DDR5-6400 memory chip at the
International Solid State Circuits Conference. The die size of
the company’s 16 Gb DDR5 chip is at a high end of historical
DRAM die sizes, so the cost of the device will likely be quite
high. However, the increased DRAM density per square millimeter
will likely enable SK Hynix to build rather cost effective 8 Gb

The DDR5 memory chip described by SK Hynix is a 16 Gb device
(organized in 32 banks and 8 bank groups) that features a 6400
MT/s interface transfer rate at 1.1 Volts. The device is
produced using SK Hynix’s second-gen 10nm-class fabrication
technology (also known as 1y nm tech) with four metal layers,
its die size is 76.22 mm2, reports EETimes.

To put the 76.22 mm2 number into context, SK Hynix’s
8 Gb DDR4 DRAM produced using the company’s 1st Gen
21 nm manufacturing process featured a 76mm2 die
size, whereas a similar DDR5 device made using the
2nd Gen 21 nm tech had a die size of 53.6
mm2, according to
TechInsights. Based on historical die sizes of more or less
recent memory devices, a 76mm2 die size may be
considered to be rather huge, even though SK Hynix clearly
deserves a praise for its DRAM density per square millimeter.
In fact, this increased density will enable the company to
fabricate relatively low cost 8 Gb DDR5 chips for client PCs.

Apart of higher per-chip capacities compared to DDR4, DDR5 DRAM
is set to provide higher performance, which means operation at
higher frequencies (read more
here). To reduce clock jitter and clock duty cycle
distortion that occur because of high frequencies, SK Hynix had
to implement a new delay-locked loop (DLL) that uses a phase
rotator and an injection locked oscillator. In addition, the
chip features a revised forward feedback equalization (FFE)
circuit, and a new write-level training method (again, to
enable high clocks).

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