T-Mobile Says 5G Plans Will be Unlimited, No More Expensive Than Existing 4G LTE Plans

After news broke yesterday that T-Mobile was
delaying launch of its 5G network until the second half
of this year, which was later clarified by the company’s CTO
Neville Ray in that the more “meaningful” 5G launch won’t
happen until H2 2019 (low-band spectrum), more details about
pricing and data plans have surfaced.

Speaking to Ray this week, PC Mag learned that
T-Mobile intends for its 5G plans to be unlimited, not capped
when an account reaches a certain amount of data. This is
noteworthy because AT&T is
planning to launch a $70/month 5G plan along with its
Nighthawk 5G Hub, but with a 15GB data cap.

Furthermore, T-Mobile says its 5G pricing won’t be any higher
than its current 4G LTE plans,
at least for 3 years.  Originally, T-Mobile said we

would see lower prices following a successful acquisition
of Sprint, but we’ve now known about this no price hike for
3 years
promise since early February.

While data plan prices on T-Mobile may not go up, you can rest
assured that the cost associated with your 5G-supporting
smartphone certainly will. That’s just the name of the game
right now.

// PC Mag

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