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If you’ve ever wanted to protect your invaluable information online, then you’re going to want to read every word of this letter…

Dear Reader,

If you’re like a lot of people I talk to about cyber protection then you have a pretty strong opinion when it comes to different cyber security systems in the market…

Namely, they all stink.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

All of these security systems promise you that you’ll get to have advanced technology to protect your data.

By the time you finish reading the sales letter, you’re convinced there’s no way this system won’t work for you. It seems like a sure thing, right?

cyber protection

But then you try it out… And it doesn’t work.

More often than not, the system cannot predict a hacker attack or malware in the ad form. And you end up feeling burned again.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… The reason so many of these security systems don’t work is that no one ever TESTED them.
cyber protection

See, these systems look good on paper. It seems like they should work. The average person certainly wouldn’t question whether it would protect them against Data Leak, Profile Impersonation, Threat Intelligence, Targeted Attacks, Email Phishing or Fake Accounts.

Even the author probably just assumes they’ll work, and puts them on the market without ever getting any real-world results. Maybe the system worked for the author, but that doesn’t mean it will work for everyone

For example, It might work for someone who hasn’t got many followers or someone who just started a business and hasn’t got much information to steal.

And that’s why The Freeman Addico Security is completely different…

The Freeman Addico Cyber Protection is the Only Type of Security Solution in the Market That’s Been Field-Tested Thoroughly by 531 Business Executives, Entrepreneurs And Celebrities

When I say my security solution works to protect your online information, I mean it. I can PROVE it.

Case Study #1: A Singer From Ghana

Name is Hidden For Security Purpose

Got rid of fake accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in just 7 hours of installation. And I could predict if someone was trying to Impersonate him.

This advantage made the work easy for his PR team and they thanked me immensely for creating this impressive solution.

And he isn’t the only one. Check this out…

Case Study #2: A Prestigious Business Executive From Rwanda

Name is Hidden For Security Purpose

After a recent data leak incident in her office, she was scared for her personal and business information. The constant worrying was gnawing at her. On top of that her computer stopped working in the middle of the day. You can imagine how stressful it was for her.

Then she heard about me from her friend and immediately contacted me. She got a monthly subscription and our security team got rid of malware on her computer. Furthermore, our
team secured her cloud storage so there would be no data leak in the future. After that, shefocused her energy solely on her work.

Case Study #3 : A Distinguished CEO from Nigeria

Name is Hidden For Security Purpose

Mr. A had some reservations about the security software he used for the company. The software caused lagging and would need daily maintenance. Mr A being the busy man didn’thave time for this.

So he contacted me and I went over. I got rid of the old software and secured his cloud storage along with his social media profile. Took down some suspicious accounts and he was good to go. No more lagging. No more worrying. No extra cost on maintenance.

Wanna know more…..
Case Study #4: An Eminent Government Official From South Africa

Name is Hidden For Security Purpose

He had launched his campaign a few weeks ago and he was getting cyber-attack threats. He couldn’t concentrate on his campaign due to constant worrying. One of my old customers and a dear friend sent him to me.

I immediately scanned his computer and phone for any Trojans or Adware. I found one and got rid of it. Then I secured his data, personal information and cloud storage. He was grateful because he could concentrate on his campaign properly.

Case Study #5: A Successful Entrepreneur From Kenya

Name is Hidden For Security Purpose

Miss S. is a successful entrepreneur from Kenya who recently reached out to us because she wanted to secure her personal information from hackers.

She was closing a deal with an international client when a hacker tried to intercept the communication to steal her credit card information. The hacker didn’t succeed but she was scared it could happen again.

When she reached out to me, the first thing I did was secure her communication process. Then I continued to secure her personal, business and bank information. Safe to say, she hasn’t had any problems since.

Pretty exciting, right? If these people can secure their data from hackers, then you can too!

All you need to get started is the informed decision you make to contact me right now.

Let’s take a look at what you get when you order now…
The Advanced Freeman Addico Cyber Protection Ready to Tackle Any Threat and Secure Your Information From Malicious Attacks
cyber protection
My services include:

I will identify and take down fake social media profiles impersonating your executives, board members, and other VIPs, which may be used to phish employees, spread misinformation,or damage brand reputation. 

I along With my team will scour thousands of dark web forums, black markets, paste sites, and other sources to discover leaked PII / PHI and sensitive data of your executives.

I will uncover target lists and identify spear-phishing campaigns that attempt to attack and exploit your executives, board members, and employees with access to sensitive corporate systems.

Block access to the crown jewels.

And that’s not all…
Order Now and You’ll Get a Security Guide On Cyber Protection – FREE!

The key to achieving maximum security faster and easier is to know what steps you should
take that do not compromise your security – and that’s exactly what you get when you order now!

This guide provides you information on various tricks hackers can implement. Even better, it takes you one step ahead of them by telling you exactly what you’re doing wrong.

Elsewhere online people are paying up to $135 for this beneficial guide, but it’s yours free when you order now!   

This brings us to your next question…
How Much Is It?

If you’ve purchased or researched similar systems online, then you know they go for upwards of 3000$ – 5000$. So, you’d expect to pay at least 4500$ for this security system, and it would be worth every penny to get these sorts of proven results

But the good news is that you don’t have to pay 4500$ to get results. You don’t even need to pay 2500$.
That’s because if you act right now, you’ll get everything you see on this page for just 700$ - 2000$.

That’s a great deal for something that’s proven to deliver a great result. You know it and I
know it. But I can’t promise this deal will last forever, which is why I urge you to order now
using the [button] below:

P.S. Freeman Addico Cyber Protection is proven to protect your data. And we’re so confident
of this that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is…

My Security Solution Works Or It’s FREE

You’ve got a full 7 days to try out my security solution for free. Install it today and reap the
benefits. If you’re not convinced this is the best way to secure your information,  just email
me within 7 days for a complete and prompt refund.

Fair enough?

Then order risk-free today, because you deserve to protect your data: 

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